Alliance Air Freight is Also an LTL Trucking & Expedited Trucking Company

Our freight  trucking company component offers 2 distinct services. Our Deferred freight shipping  service is faster than regular LTL trucking  and priced significantly lower than air freight.  We use primarily direct trucks  to ensure your heavyweight freight shipping is executed in the most efficient and cost effective way.  Our SPEEDIsm FREIGHT SHIPPING TRACING system ensures you always know the status of everything you are shipping. This service is the logical choice when you need your shipment to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible, while keeping your shipping and freight costs down.

However, if cost is your primary concern our freight LTL  trucking company team offers an LTLfreight shipping service. Typical transit times of this truck shipping service are 2 – 7 business days.  LTL freight shipping  in this manner will keep your costs as low as possible, thereby maximizing your profit margins! Get an LTL truck shipping freight quote or deferred freight rate today.

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